11 May

Hello lovely people, here’s another DIY I got from a friend’s blog. Decided to reblog!

into mind

I’m pretty sure that every girl owns some version of the plain black spaghetti strap top. The ones you get for 5 Euros from H&M? Well, I had three of those, so one of them has been in my ‘To-customise’ pile for forever. Changing out the straps with some cool material is a really easy way to turn boring tops into something much more exciting. For this DIY I decided to go with curb chain in different metals, but you can also try raffia or leather or even just some thread.

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Pinkly blue…

10 May


stay inspired… love, Maudleen. xoxo

Bow tie DIY

10 May

Hello lovely people! Here’s a DIY I got from a friends blog. Hope you try your hand on it!

What do you need?
Triangle ruler
bobby pin
hand needle

Let’s Start!
Step 1: Draw two pieces; 30 á 35 by 12 cm and 10 by 4 cm, cut ’em out. (Bow tie 17 by 8 cm 10 by 2cm)
Step 2: Iron the edges 1 cm in.
Step 3: Thread your needle and tie a knot in the end.
Step 4: Fold the fabric in half, mark the middle with the pencil, open it up again.
Step 5: Fold both sides 1 cm over the mark for overlap. Now you have a bow shape.
Step 6: Push through the edge with the needle and loop it one more time to secure.
Step 7: Sew one 1 cm wide till the other-side, do not secure.
Step 8: Pull the thread for the perfect bow shape.
Step 9: Round the thread over the center for a few times and secure.
Step 10: wrap the little piece around the bow
Step 11: Push the needle trough the piece, wrap it around for a couple times and secure.
Step 12: Cut the leftover off
Step 13 slip your bobby pin trough the piece
Step 14: You’re done.
Good luck!

stay inspired… love, Maudleen. *xoxo*

Fashion sketches by Claud

9 May

Though i’ve shared the link to this post earlier, but i still wanna post it here.
  The creative mind behind these designs and sketches, Nwachukwu Somto Claud is inspired by beauty in its natural form and of the mind. “I always could draw and sketch, but really got inspired to delve into fashion by my late friend Emeka Omar Yusuf, who was head illustrator for the J.B.L brand” said Claud.
     Claud has four siblings, three of which are females. And apart from fashion, he is also an event planner/decorator and a fashion stylist.
    To know more, visit his Facebook page.
   These are just some of his works. Will post more later.

stay inspired… love, Maudleen. xoxo

Animal Print Maxi Dress

9 May


stay inspired… love, Maudleen. xoxo


9 May


stay inspired… love, Maudleen. xoxo


8 May

Channel your inner goddess with luxurious looks that’ll make you feel glamorous and as free as the wind. The palais des sentiments collection features an opulent mix of textures, jewel-toned prints and fluid silhouettes, inspired by dreams of exotic palaces, of delicate, dancing fabrics and of glittering golden moons.

Source: ciaafrique

So, tell me what you feel about this collection.
stay inspired… love, Maudleen. *xoxo*