Bow tie DIY

10 May

Hello lovely people! Here’s a DIY I got from a friends blog. Hope you try your hand on it!

What do you need?
Triangle ruler
bobby pin
hand needle

Let’s Start!
Step 1: Draw two pieces; 30 á 35 by 12 cm and 10 by 4 cm, cut ’em out. (Bow tie 17 by 8 cm 10 by 2cm)
Step 2: Iron the edges 1 cm in.
Step 3: Thread your needle and tie a knot in the end.
Step 4: Fold the fabric in half, mark the middle with the pencil, open it up again.
Step 5: Fold both sides 1 cm over the mark for overlap. Now you have a bow shape.
Step 6: Push through the edge with the needle and loop it one more time to secure.
Step 7: Sew one 1 cm wide till the other-side, do not secure.
Step 8: Pull the thread for the perfect bow shape.
Step 9: Round the thread over the center for a few times and secure.
Step 10: wrap the little piece around the bow
Step 11: Push the needle trough the piece, wrap it around for a couple times and secure.
Step 12: Cut the leftover off
Step 13 slip your bobby pin trough the piece
Step 14: You’re done.
Good luck!

stay inspired… love, Maudleen. *xoxo*


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