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Trend Spotting: Cap-Toe Pumps

30 Apr

There is nothing as classy as a pointy toe pumps. On the other hand, the cap-toe adds something unique and yet classy to an outfit. Cap-toe pumps have been spotted on bloggers and celebrities such as Rihanna at the Grammys in Christian Louboutin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Camilla Belle, Kristine Stewart to name a few. There is something for everyone depending on your taste and budget. Check out theses lovely Cap-toe pumps below…

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‘Real life Barbie’ stirs debate over cosmetic surgery

28 Apr

A recent article about 21-year-old Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova has caused an uproar across the Internet, as people debate whether or not the “real life Barbie” achieved her appearance through cosmetic surgery. It has also stoked a larger debate over whether or not excessive pressure is placed on young women by the media and popular culture to fit within a certain cosmetic mold.

Lukyanova’s Tumblr account features some pictures of the model without cosmetics, but in most of the photos she appears to be wearing a lot of makeup. In addition, several readers are questioning whether the photos have been altered, and there’s speculation as to whether Lukyanova underwent extensive plastic surgery at such a young age to get her look.

So, are young women really altering their bodies in an attempt to look like Barbie?

Read more, source: Eric Pfeiffer

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The Power Rangers Back???

28 Apr

OMG! What on earth is going on on campus? It’s shocking how you see people turn fashion into something else. Yes, we know colour block is trending but, should one turn it into something irritating???
Colour block is now an epidemic on campus! See how girls dress up nah dress it down these days. Oh! C’mon girls, this is weird! I mean, just see for yourselves.

P.S: Thank God girls didn’t include colour block on hairdo. It would have been a suicide mission

One more thing, I feel colour block is better when you are doing it alone. It makes you stand out. Unlike doing it in a group, cause really, I think the power rangers are back!!!
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African Prints & Styles 2

28 Apr

It’s amazing how you see people looking so fabulous in African prints. You see them wear it to just any place/occasion.
See how one can style different pieces of ankara into corporate wears, party wears, red carpet wears and some even making remarkable fashion statements with ankara.
Well, it all depends on how you style and wear it; (i.e accessories: shoes, bag and jeweleries).
Here are some photos of an everyday African lady Ugbegbor Joy looking so lovely in different African prints on different occasions.

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27 Apr

Though this is an old editorial (2009) but, I thought some people might love to see it. I just came across it again by chance and I couldn’t take my eyes off the lovely pics.
Right now, I’m still working on my blogs and I’ve been receiving great ideas from friends and readers. You too can tell me about your interests.

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25 Apr

Hi lovely people! How’s your day going?? I came across this edition(old though) of vlisco collection; SPARKLING GRACE and I was wondering what your thoughts would be about it.
Stay inspired

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Colour block

25 Apr

Hello lovely people! Here’s something I have for the guys. You can block colours in your outfits just like this.

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